Deadpool wall vinyl
Corridor  - Painted Wide Stripes
Jon Snow wall vinyl

Deluxe Office Branding, London

Working directly with the Creative Director of Deluxe to bring their UK offices to life in line with their international branding.  Highlights included wall vinyls featuring characters from a selection of films in their portfolio.

Interior Designer
Amy Salisbury

Provide concept, design and supply all public area art including corridor spaces, wayfinding and paintwork.


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We offer

Selection of the best image sources due to our long term partnerships with photographers, artists, art galleries and image libraries.

Tailored images and products, depending on the story to be told, or the space available.

Fully managed image rights and licensing.

Print techniques on a variety of grounds.

Invention of new applications.

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Director: Amy Salisbury

Tel: +44 2920 219696
Mob: +44 7825 411619

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